What Is Paid Advertising?

Paid advertising comes from many platforms nowadays.

Our favourite two are Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, done correctly these two can bring your local business in Manchester and Tameside lots of traffic.

So, in simple terms you pay Google or Facebook to promote your website, product or services, you can even promote your Facebook pages and posts.

There is quite a bit to cover today on exactly why you as a small business owner, should be using paid advertising to beat not only local competition in Manchester and Tameside but nationwide as well.

All the reasons below are 100% enough to make you as a business owner, whether that’s in Manchester, Tameside or nationwide, invest in paid advertising.

Lets get to the list now.

#1. Attracts the visitors you want.

Everyone wants visitors to their site, people engaging on the site and creating more conversions than they can handle… Plain and simple paid advertising will bring this, if done correctly.

You can really target the visitors you want to find your site and what page they land on.

This is key if you have a service or product, you can direct traffic straight to a certain page.

When we say attract the visitors you want, these are the people searching for something specific to what you’re offering.

Your exact services are required by them.

If you have an attractive, high performing ad along with a super awesome website, this will more than likely lead to a conversion with a client/customer, you may not have had without the help of paid advertising.

#2. You Control The Budget

You can target what ever audience you want, right down to age, gender and interests, you also control how much you spend which is a big plus, because you can budget this in advance and make sure it’s being accounted for.

Most people are put off by paid advertising thinking it will empty the business of cash on the hope the people who see it will buy a product or service, at least we know that’s the case with businesses in Tameside and Manchester.

Depending on your chosen keyword or search you can get conversions super cheap, little amounts of money that convert into a sale, sign up or conversion. Although some keywords and searches that are more competitive will be a little more expensive.

Lets give you an example.

We will use “Web Design Manchester” this is the keyword we would like to rank for, organically and paid. It a really good keyword, it brings us plenty of visitors and new clients.

It costs between £8.50 and £15.00 to be on the front page of Google in the top 4 ads.

This meaning every time someone clicks our ad, we are charged what ever cost it was to get to that spot.

So lets say you see our Ad, love our site, love our work and think “I’m going to go with these guys”.

We give you a quote, e.g £1250.00, you love that.

We have a new client we acquired from £8.50 – £15.00 what ever is costs us on that day.

MASSIVE profit margins from little spend, that allows you to set a daily, weekly or monthly budget.

#3. Paid Advertising Is Much Faster Than SEO

SEO is the best thing you could do for you website, ranking organically is so satisfying. You need to create content, build links and get people sharing your site’s content.

There is one problem with this… It takes time and effort.

You need to do this, you need to rank well organically, your web site needs to be approved by search engines, it’s a super effective way of getting free business.


In the meantime, if you have the daily budget, you can get on with paid advertising.

This will help your SEO as well, you’ll be creating visitors that are going to your site which search engines love.

So basically your creating click-throughs to your web site, with the possible chance of a conversion, two birds with one stone.

Paid advertising also allows you access to more people. 100s of millions of possible customers through Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

So not only is paid advertising going to bring you business quicker than SEO would, it’s going to improve your SEO ranking.

#4. Beat Local Competition With Paid Advertising

We mainly work with small businesses, their main goal is to beat local competition, some of them are obsessed by this.

Most of the time, small businesses that come to us for a Web Design, Marketing Campaigns or Social Media have serious competition in their area, meaning there is often multiple companies with the same services that they offer.

Being high up in search engines is key with local searches.

Think about the last time you searched Google for something and went to page 2,3 or 4. You probably didn’t.

This is because most o the time people are looking for the thing company they see, go to their site and more than likely go with them.

The point here, if you are in the top paid Ads on Google for your chosen keyword which locally shouldn’t be super expensive, you’re going to get click-throughs to your website.

So if you have a website by us, meaning it will be awesome 😉 your probably going to impress them and get a call or an email.


Finishing of this article we hope you have taken something from it that you didn’t know about paid advertising, paid advertising is an awesome, effective and modern way of getting new customers and raising awareness for your business.

It’s not magic, but its a damn good way to achieve more sales.

Finally, we have a FREE eBook that you can download here, no catches, its free. We talk about how to enhance your website, it gives you in-depth looks at paid advertising, SEO and much more.

If you want more information on what kind of paid advertising we think would be good for your business, drop us and email here, or give us a call.

We’d love to help.

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