Secret Formula

Do you want our secret formula? Our secret process that helps us create awesome projects?

Okay, its below, we’ll give it to you.

the truth is it’s not secret, you might do it already.

There is no secret formula…

We are not magicians!

We want to set the record straight before you read any further, this blog/infographic is the process we go through with every client.

It works for us. Everytime.

If you implement it, maybe it will work for you but you have to make sure you are executing each step to the highest possible standard.

Are you ready for the steps?

Okay, let’s do it.

#1. The Meeting

Now this one is tricky, what if your client is overseas, out-of-town? You need to be setting up factime or skype video call. The fine details of someones project can’t be stressed or explained enough through email, at least not in our view. You need to be getting everything out of your client, to make your job easier. Everything needs to be on the table, so you know exactly what you’re taking on.

#2. The Research

Meeting is done, job has been given a time schedule and a place in your creative mind, let’s get to work. This is not the most exciting part of the job, but I’ll bet you your last pound its one of the most important stages of the project, you need to understand who your client is, who their competition is and what is out there for you to beat.

#3. Brain Time

Similar to the last step except now its time to brain-storm, create mood boards, mock-ups, wire frames or whatever it may be. Your creating assets that are going to make step 4 and 5 of the process so much easier.

#4. The Creation

All the hard work has been done, its time to get to work, the fun part. You get to bring to life what you’ve been researching, creating and working on for the past few days or weeks. You get to create what will hopefully be your clients finished project.

#5. The Delivery

Here we are, did you think you’d get here? Well your here and you’ve nailed the project, followed all the steps of the process and your clients happy. Its time to let you creation out to the world and hopefully you have a happy client that is going to return at some point, because they loved how you worked and what you created.

If you follow these same steps, your onto a winner.

Keep your client involved at all times possible.

A little note on that.

Keep your clients involved, but not too involved.

You need to know when to keep your client in the room and when to lock the door, what I men by this is, they came to you because they needed your services. You’re the project manager, you’re the skilled individual that they found, not the other way around.

A client that is too involved can ruin a project and a relationship.

They don’t even know they are doing it. its up to you to see when thing are getting out of hand and put a friendly block on it.

The Takeaway

We want you to use this, if you do already. Great. Your winning.

It will add to your arsenal 100%.

None of us at Optic are business coaches, life coaches etc, we just have little ways to help.

Do this on your next project, assess against past projects and then Tweet us or send us a message on Facebook about how you’ve implemented these little tips into your day.

The infographic

Below, we have created a simplified version of this blog post and made it into an info.graphic so you can download it or share it.

We’d love you to do both, that’d be great and we’d appreciate it.

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