Lets get into it.

1. Creative Cloud

For us Adobe are market leaders, this is the main reason we think all creatives should have this tool. Can you remember back when you had to purchase each piece of software separate for a scary amount of money, YEAH, them times… Now it’s a lot easier for web design, graphic design and marketing student and companies to be able to have access to this software with the monthly subscription.

2. Dropbox

Did or do you ever get an error message from your email provider saying your email could not send, because your attachment was to big? How about scrolling through 100’s of emails trying to find files from clients? Everyone has done it. Dropbox allows you and the client to share folders online and with there free and paid storage options, you cant grumble at it.

3. Evernote

There is quite a few different notes websites/apps out there now, including google docs, which is good but we prefer Evernote. The interface, the features and just generally how you can organise everything. Being able to jot a note down anywhere at at time in your phone to save for later, is awesome. Everyone looses their pieces of paper notes.

5. Color Lovers

Being a digital company and #1 web design Manchester, we get approached by lots of new businesses needing our services, they don’t have a logo, nothing. When a client says, my colour scheme is just blue and black, its like “oh okay, thanks” ha ha. There is literally millions of colour schemes already generated, also great tools and generators for creating and saving your own.

6. Typekit

Typekit is absolutely awesome, when you are a digital marketing and design agency in Manchester, we have to build custom sites, marketing campaigns and print, all of which require beautiful typography. Typekit allows you to try out fonts together in articles, this is a great way of matching fonts, even down to kerning and line-height.

7. FontAwesome

The amount of time and stress that Font Awesome saves is beyond belief, hundreds of ready made icons at your disposal for design and development purposes. The infinite size capabilities are a great feature and just the serious amount of choice you have is great.

We hope this has helped you out

Do you already use these? Do you have your own list? If so we’d love to see it. Leave it in the comments below, tweet us or comment on our Facebook page.

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