Are You Doing Enough?

Your reading this post because you want to beat your local competition?

We are based in Manchester and Tameside and the main question from local businesses is, “How do I beat local competition?”

Most of the successful businesses in your area are and have to utilise the ways we will out line below, if you’re not doing these things then your missing out and someone if going to snap up business that you could have gained.

In this post we reveal 7 ways to outdo and beat local competition.

Some of them are common sense, or at least they should be. Some of them you may need to hire a professional to really reap the benefits.

We outline exactly what these are, why you should do them, how to do them and where to find them.

Okay, let’s get to it.

The List

#1. Get a website that works.web designers in tameside

My website works, what do you mean? Having a website doesn’t mean it works. Its means a few things.

Does it WOW your visitors? 

Is your website responsive? Does it respond to any device?

How is it ranked in search engines?

Is it even registered in search engines?

This is so important

This is vital, we’ve spoken about the on a past blog post “The Best Marketing Tool For Your Business” read it here

If you don’t have a website that makes your visitors impressed straight away, their going to leave. Simple as that.

You need to make a first impression that instantly makes them want to browse your site and purchase a service or product. A good first impression is key.

So your site looks good, whats next?

You need to make sure your site is optimised and indexed in search engines, this is called SEO.

Search Engine Optimization
web design manchester marketing

This is a massive, massive topic to cover. To big for this post but in short, there are requirements from search engines to even consider ranking your site, also tactics you can use on your website to climb the rankings and get seen by more people.

This is key, you could be creating content, good valuable content that someone could benefit from, but they can’t find you, this is just a waste of time.

Depending on your chosen keywords that you want to rank for, locally in Manchester and Tameside or your local area it’s not a massive task.

So the takeaways points from #1, get an awesome website that performs in search engines. Don’t have a poor website built on a pay monthly platform with poor design

If you need any help with this, we consider ourselves pretty damn good at building amazing looking and performing websites for local businesses in Manchester, Tameside and across the world, get in touch with us today.

#2. Google My Businesswe are optic web design tameside

This is one of the way we will talk about today that you can probably set up yourself. Its pretty simple, but its damn effective.

Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses, there is quite a few good features.

You can manage how your business information appears on Google, including search and maps, opening hours and contact information.

It has a reviews section which allows you to interact with reviews from your customers, this also helps your website climb Google rankings.

As a company in web design Manchester and web design Tameside, this is a great feature for us and any other business looking to beat their local competition.

It’s also a free way of getting to that first page of Google that everyone desires free of charge.

Check out Google My Business for your business.

#3. Networking Events & Groupsnetworking events we are optic manchester

This is possibly one of the oldest ways to get new business.

Talking to people.

There is a massive amount of ways a business can network now, lets name a few of them now.

#1. Trade shows / Networking Events

Trade shows and networking event still get 100’s of visitors every year with people either promoting their own business, or looking for a solution to a problem. Companies wouldn’t continue down this route if it didn’t work. It works.

The only issue with this, popular events may be costly.

#2. Local Business Forums

In Manchester and Tameside, there is plenty of these forums, again full of businesses and people looking for solutions.

A lot of the forums have different features like Pro accounts but see how you go with a standard account first, get your business in the mix.

One of our favourite ones in Manchester, Tameside and nationwide is UK Business Forums. This website has really narrowed down sections so you can focus and network with people in your area.

#3. Facebook Groups

We have had a lot of business from local Manchester and Tameside based groups, you can too. Basically join the groups and start networking with people, you can keep your eye open for people needing your services, you can also announce yourself and your business to the group.

A little tip here, don’t just be a salesman, help people, gain their trust and then they will eventually require your services.

You can also create your own group, free of charge then invite people to join, this way when you have members you can target them daily with your services.

Obviously these three ways aren’t the only ways to network with people, we have just shown these as examples today, give them a try to integrate them into your business.

#4. Create Contentcontent copt tameside

You’ve probably heard the saying “Content is KING” and it really is.

Depending on your niche, you need to be creating content, valuable content that will help people. You need to be creating content that people will search for, get their attention, give them value, then comes a conversion.

Content is also one of the main ways to climb the search engines and get a high-ranking, this is great because it means your going to be above local competition or at least giving yourself a chance when they search for something what you offer.

Make sure your content is optimised, using keywords you think will be searched throughout your content, depending on what platform your running there are plugins to help you make sure your articles are optimised to their maximum potential, without much work.

If you’re not a techie, we recommend you hire someone to do this. Work with them, write your articles and get them optimised.

Search engines will love you and the SEO gods will smile down on your for creating regular, optimised content that is getting read.

If you really suck at writing content, you can hire people to do this. It’s not that expensive and you’ll get articles written for the web.

#5. Email Marketingtameside email marketing campaigns

We know local businesses in Manchester and Tameside don’t do email marketing and its absolute madness… Seriously, madness.

It’s a cost-effective, sometimes FREE way of getting new business, keeping people in the loop with your business.

We have recently published an article on this, have a read here. We cover a lot of stuff in this.

Email marketing is still one of the leading strategies in new business and conversions. In our article 9 Reasons You Should Be Using Email Marketing, we cover why its brilliant, where to find it and how to use it.

For some reason email marketing is considered DEAD, this is far from the truth.

#6. Social Media

You would be surprised by the amount of businesses not taking advantage of social media, the number is massive.

If your one of these businesses, your seriously loosing out.

Lets cover social media.

Its more than just having a Facebook or Twitter page.

We see it so much, companies have social media accounts and the last time they were updated was back in 2014/15, this is not good. It actually puts people off, they don’t consider you professional, no matter how good your service is.

We definitely don’t recommend this.

Being consistent is key to a successful social media presence.

What can you do to be more active?

#1. Share content from your website.

Your killing to birds with one stone, your being more active on social media and your driving traffic to your site.

#2. Offer a free hour of advice.

Put out a tweet or a status saying the following “For the next hour we are going answer any questions you may have, use the hashtag #YourCompanyGoesHere” This is great way to get followers engaged on your page. After you’ve answered their questions ask them to share your page, it’s the least they can do.

#3. Facebook Live / Periscope

Live video is getting big time, its massive. So many people are using this free feature.

Lets say for example you run a Joinery company in Manchester or Tameside, you could Live stream a video of an installation your working on, just to give people a little view of what you can do and showing your confidence by doing it live.

#4. LinkedIn Articles.

Creating content doesn’t just go for your site, LinkedIn is a great place to post informative articles and case studies. We work with a company that posts articles to their site and simply copies and pastes to LinkedIn rather than sharing links all the time, it works for them.

They place a little link at the bottom of the article so they still get traffic, it looks like you put more effort in.

These type of articles get plenty of views and depending on your business type, they will generate new leads.

#7. Ad CampaignsWeb developers tameside

At number 6 we spoke about social media and how its free and an active account can really help your business. Now we are going to cover Ad campaigns and the two types of Ads we recommend, for maximum ROI.

Ad campaigns aren’t free, they cost money but its money well worth spending in our opinion.

Local small businesses in Manchester and Tameside are scared off by advertising before they know anything about it.

They instantly think its expensive. Depending on your keyword, it can be a super cost-effective way of getting people to your site or page.

Google AdWords

Lets cover the giant that is Google AdWords first.

Lets use our business for example, we want to rank for keywords such as Web design Manchester and web design Tameside, these are the areas we get most business from.

These keywords have different price tags because they get a different amount of searches per month on Google.

Examples of the keywords

Web Design Manchester £10.00 Per Click.

This means every time someone clicks our advert and get a visitor on our site, we are charged £10.00 by Google. It may seem a lot but most of these clicks convert to sales for us. So if a click costs £10.00 and we get a sale of a new website worth £1500.00 thats good profit margin when it comes to cost per sale.

Whereas other keywords with not as many searches per month are a lot cheaper, but still worth doing.

Web Design Tameside £2.00 Per Click.

This means every time someone clicks our advert and get a visitor on our site, we are charged £2.00 by Google. The search per month is a lot lower than web design Manchester, but people are still searching for it and searching for it for a reason. If £2.00 coverts to a website worth £1500.00 thats and even bigger profit margin when it comes to cost per sale.

This is what a good Google Ad looks like, if you need any help drop us a message.

Web design and google ads tameside

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads brings a lot to the table when it comes to getting traffic to your site, likes on your page or even promoting a post on your page, so many great features and all possible low-cost per click/impression.

There is over 1.5 billion users on Facebook, your Ad can show to a fraction of this and still create good quality conversions for you.

Here is an example of Facebook Custom Audiences, this what would be used to really narrow down your target market, so your Ad only shows to what you have specified.

facebook ads company tameside

Facebook can be used to create for multiple things, such as, Promoting your Facebook page to get more likes, boosting a post you’ve written and want more people to see, promoting your website, so on click people would end up on your website. It can also be used for Instagram Ads, so if your target market is on Instagram or you want to try targeting Instagram, this is possible.

Here’s an example of what a good advert could look like of Facebook, they have there rules and regulations so again to get the most out of this, without wasting cash and saving you time, just hire someone.

facebook ad company tameside


Being a competitive company in web design Manchester and web design Tameside, we try to utilise all of the above steps, to maximise the potential of sale.

You should too.

Most of what we have talked about today if free, cheap and cost-effective. Also most of the above are possible without any techie knowledge, but if you really need help, don’t hesitate to reach out.

We’d love to chat.


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