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People and businesses for some reason think that email marketing has had its day and is now outdated. This couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Honestly, one of our main client conversion tools comes from our email list, if your active and have valuable content that people will read, these people who signed up to your list and now opening your emails are doing so for a reason, they are interested in what you have on offer and could possibly convert to a customer/client.

We recommend you utilise this tool and see for yourself.

Email Marketing Is Still a design wen web design manchester

Email marketing is and in our
opinion and will remain
one of the main forces in marketing. Its a proven way of increasing sales, getting traffic and promoting yourself.

We use it on a daily basis, come to think of it have you joined our free mailing list? Join it free here. We wont SPAM you, we promise.

Okay back to the article.

Email marketing has been around since the late 80’s when the Father of SPAM Gary Thuerk sent out the first known mass email message. This message was on a smaller scale than what we are used to today, it was around a few hundred people.

Email Marketing has evolved so much, there is so much that can be done when creating email campaigns, all that can be done so easily with not much required other than some time.

Facts About Email Marketing

  • 64% of people say that they open an email based on the subject
  • For every $1 spent on email marketing ROI is $44.25
  • On average half of an email list will open your emails
  • Emails that have social sharing options embed in them have 158% click through rate.
  • 64% of decision-makers read their email via mobile devices.
  • At the end of 2016 there was over 4.5 billion active email accounts.

The List

#1. Its Not Difficult To Use Email Marketing.

So you’ve decided that you want to try a new route of marketing for your business, you’ve chosen email marketing. You’ve got plenty of email addresses and an active site getting plenty of traffic, this is perfect to start targeting people with your products, but where do you start?

Its been made very easy to build campaigns, track and schedule them. There is a few providers (which we will talk about a little bit down the line) that have free, easy to use interfaces making it easy enough for people to set up and use.

#2. Direct Targeting.

Direct targeting allows you as a businesses to communicate and offer your services directly to customers. As one of the facts above, half of an email list open their emails, all these people are possible clients/customers.

These people either opted in to your email list by choice or you have done business with them before, this allows you to be in their inbox, “Directly” in their inbox.

#3. Email Marketing Is Inexpensive.

We are telling you now, that you can sign up to most email providers FREE of charge. Up to a certain amount of email subscribers you get a free account, Some are as high as 2000 subscribers.

This is great, most small businesses don’t have that many email addresses, so its a cost effective way of getting peoples attention, even the paid accounts for companies with bigger email lists are cheap.

#4. Email Marketing Builds Relationships.

We’ve found that when you send emails that have a personal touch to them, you’ll get a better response. One of the things we stand by in business is building relationships not links.

Its so much better working with a client that respects you and you respect them, this can be integrated into your email campaign and could be the start of a great relationship with a possible client. Send your emails and add a personal touch to them, ask for a reply and use first names.

#5. A Wide Range Of  Device Interaction.

Do you have a smartphone? or iPad? I bet you do, do you have your emails on there? I bet you do. Over 64% of people now open email via mobile devices, like phones and tablets.

Most email providers have built in responsive code that will make your email look awesome on any device, this is great because your not going to be dismissed by people who only operate on mobile devices.

#6. It Feels More Personal

Similar to step 4, you want your reader to feel like they are respected, this will build trust. It allows them to think your product of service is awesome before they’ve even tried it out. If they have tried you out before, its makes them feel like their a valued customer/client.

You need to use first names, section people into lists based on there reaction to certain campaigns and click through, this is all trackable.

#7. Promote Your Services and Products

You have a service or product, people need to know about it. Although the number is huge, not everyone is on social media, email marketing is a great way to send new products and services directly to peoples inboxes.

Again this is a super cost effective way of sending your list emails regarding your new products and services.

#8. Look More Professional

All the big companies is the world are using email marketing as a way to get more conversions and sales, so if its good enough for them its good enough for small businesses.

The capabilities of email marketing providers nowadays is phenomenal, you can look as good as the big guys, sending out clean, responsive emails will 100% make you look more professional, this instantly brings trust from users.

#9. Rekindle Old Clients and Customers

You done business with someone months ago, maybe even years ago. Do you still have them in your email list? Then get them on your list, include them in your future campaigns.

They may be looking for what you have on offer, they may be interested in the content your writing and further down the line turn into another conversion.

Okay, there you have it.

Our 9 Reasons You Should Be Using Email Marketing, we think we’ve covered some good points to make you want to either hire someone to do your email marketing or take crack at it yourself.

We are now going to provide you with our top 3 providers to use, these are perfect for begginers and have lots of features to give you a good start in email marketing.

These are in no particular order.

#1. MailChimp

We personally use MailChimp, we genuinely love it. There’s so many great features, templates and much more. Its also free for lists upto 2000 subscribers, perfect for anyone starting out.

#2. AWeber

Aweber, another great provider with lots of features. This platform offers a 30 day free trial after that its $19 PCM but this comes with email automation.

#3. GetResponse

GetResponse is probably our second choice, this is a cheaper option that AWeber and it includes email automation at only £10 PCM.

These aren’t the only providers out there, these are just the ones we would or do use. As we’ve said above, we personally use MailChimp.

MailChimp interface is so simple, its very easy to navigate around the site and create some awesome newsletters.

They have lots of features, including eCommerce which is a big plus for anyone running an online shop looking to integrate their products.

The ready made templates are awesome, they are literally drag and drop, you can add links and much more.

Really worth a look.


Finishing off this post by saying, you NEED to be doing email marketing, its an essential part of any businesses marketing. We have outlined 9 reasons you should, if you need any more drop us an email, we will gladly help you out.

Take a look at the provider above for yourself and see how you get on.

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