One thing we despise, when someone contacts us after failing with another design design company. They are left in the dark, down money, with nothing but a poor representation of their company.

This is not good.

We are one of the companies leading the way web design Manchester and web design Tameside, we strive to complete successful projects, where the client is kept in the loot from the offset.

Why are you getting poor web design?

It can be a number of things, it may be your fault, it may be the agencies fault.

Regardless of who’s fault it is, we are going high class design manchesterto outline a few factors today that may have contributed to you getting a poor web design service.

You may have just picked poor web design company, that doesn’t really have the skills to deliver you a successful web design.

The fact of the matter is, you should be wasting your cash.

We will go into more detail on this now.

Who’s to blame?

Okay, lets start this one of by blaming you.

Thats right you may have been the issue, its that simple. Some people aren’t professional enough to deal with in demand or fussy clients, they don’t know any other way to deal with you, other than to ignore you and completely dismiss you project.

In demand clients are tough to work with, we have worked with them in the past and will continue to work with them in the future.

The thing is with web design and any other service for that matter, what people need to understand is this;

You came to us for web design or another kind of service for a few reasons. One being because you liked our portfolio, website etc and two, because your not a web designer.

We are the professionals, this is what we do, so please let us work.

At Optic, we work with you not for you. We believe this is the best way to complete a good web design.

What you can take away from this is, by now if you “That client” we just described, you probably know this. We simply recommend letting your web design professional do their job and then highlight the things your not happy with.

The bottom line is that as we stated above, some people are just not professional enough to deal with client demands, this is one reason you may have gotten a poor web design service.

Okay, now its time to blame the web design company.

Lets start by saying, if you feel you’ve co-operated with the web design company, gave them everything they’ve asked for from the outset and you still have a poor web design, was given poor service…

You are well within your rights to blame them for the failure of your web design.

In our opinion, if you are paying someone for a service then you should receive that service to the standard they portray.

For example if a web design company is telling you they can deliver X and Y for your company for a certain amount of money, then this is what you should receive.

SIMPLE as that.

Its so frustrating to see people giving our industry a bad name and basically scaring people off from even having a website. Most of the time someone who has been ripped off, let down and left in the dark, will not even bother with a website again, because they feel everyone is like this.

This is clearly not the case.

What can you do about this?

There is a few things you can do about not having the issue of poor web design, we will list them below so you can get things in place before picking a company.

#1. Do your research

Short list some companies and look a what they offer, look at the projects they have in their portfolio. Are any of the projects similar to what you want?

#2. Check Reviewsfive star web design tameside

We have some great reviews and testimonials that are run through third parties like Which Web Design Company. These websites are legitimate independent companies that hold reviews and info on registered agencies.

#3. Get all the info you need

If you send us an email, we give you some time. Lets face it you might just turn into a client, if you email a company and don’t get a very good interaction from them, we wouldn’t recommend this. Businesses should be giving you a little time and effort, if there wanting you to hand money over.

You have to make a decision

You want a website, you cant build one yourself, you need to make a decision on who your going to pick.

We stand by the statement that your website is the best marketing tool for your business

It has to be nailed perfectly, it has to be your online presence that wows your users, settling for any less than this is just not acceptable in the online world today.

The online world is so advanced and forever growing, literally there is changes everyday. Its the wrong paced place to have a poor presence.

More Issues from having poor web design

Now we are going to outline some facts on how leaving your poorly web design will hinder you reputation and income.

#1. Google wont rank you

The chances are your poor web design wont be registered or indexed with Google, let alone optimised to meet the search engine giants requirements. This is going to affect your business in a big way, as your probably aware Google is the largest search engine in the world, everybody goes to Google to find what they’re looking for, and if your not there… Your not going to get found.

#2. First Impression

We speak about this a lot in some of our other blog posts, first impression is absolutely everything. This is why your web design must be on point, it must WOW the visitor instantly, keep them engaged and able to work their way around your site. No matter how good your product is, how good your content is, if your web design is poor, people are going to leave. Users want a pain free, easy experience on your site, to keep them on your site this is what you need to provide.

#3. Reputation

Lets say you have a potential client you acquired from another platform, this could be word of mouth, phone, email or social media. You then direct them to your website and your web design is shockingly poor, this person will instantly doubt what you are offering, this normally leads to loosing that lead. Not only that your reputation has took a huge hit in the process. This person who isn’t using your services also will not recommend your services.


We are going to finish off the post by saying, please do your research, ask questions and be on your game, don’t forget anything that may result in your getting a poor web design.

We are also going to say, let the professional you choose do their job. Let them work their magic, you chose them for a reason.

We genuinely hope your projects are successful, if you would like any info regarding web design Manchester, web design Tameside or anywhere else in the world, please drop us an email or use this form. We’d be glad to help out.


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