Whats this all about?

As the title suggests, today we are going to discuss, getting SHI* done.

There is two types of people in this world, winners and losers.

Which one are you?

Are you a winner?


Okay good, lets carry on. If you’re a loser, you’ve probably been triggered by this blog post so far and we’re under 60 words.

What do I mean by getting shi* done?

I mean taking your daily tasks and making them your bit**

Seriously, there is so many people who are plodding along, moaning and complaining about how hard or bad it is.

I can’t stand these people, you know why? Because nobody gives you anything.

Nothing worth keeping long-term anyway, this is how the world works.

This blog post isn’t to boast about how big and successful we are, because we are far from this point.

It’s to make you sit back and think, okay, am I doing these things? Am I going to bed every night satisfied with where I’m at? If the answers no then, you’ve admitted it, come to terms with the fact.

I need to get more shi* done.

Being based in Manchester, I come from a working class city and working class home. We all work hard.

You need to see past the bullshi* all over the media and internet, nobody gets rich overnight, there is the small, tiny group of people who this happens to, some $65 program, that aint going to make your rich.

What will you ask? Hardwork, Dedication and Patience.

Okay now we’ve covered that you need to stop bit**ing and knuckle down on your life, lets give you some tips on, yeah, you guessed it… Getting SHI* Done Every Single Day.

1. Write Shi* Down.

writing shit down tameside web agencyNumber one thing for me is being organised, knowing what tasks I have to do today, who to call, what times I have to do certain things and then sticking to those times. I get this from my old man, as a child I would look at my dad every night and he would be jotting down tasks for the following day, even if it were minor little things, that he could probably remember, he’d write them down. To this day my dad is the most organised person I’ve ever met and I put this down to writing SHI* down.

2. 45 Minutes Reading Per Day.

web design tameside writingI allocate 45-60 minutes per day to reading. It doesn’t matter what on, just something that, long-term will help me Get SHI* Done Every Single Day. I read all kinds of books, mindset books, business books, marketing or SEO, you get that, okay. You can read a book or online, I tend to like book more, purely because I spend a lot of time look at screens through the day, so its nice to get hold of a book. I’ve listed 5 books I love below, let me know what books you like.

  • Viralnomics
  • The Marshmallow Effect
  • Tools of Titans
  • Entrepreneurs Revolution
  • The Power Of Habit

3. Get Up Earlier

get up early web design manchesterI want to start this one by telling you, I have 4 kids and my time is taken from morning till night. I work and spend time with my family, I want to spend time with them at normal times of the day, I want to pick my girls up from school, to do all these things I must get up earlier to free up the rest of my day. Even if you don’t have kids or responsibilities, get up earlier, nail your tasks and I guarantee you will sit down and think, okay what can I do now, it wont be as late as normal.

4. Tell People What Your Doing.

manchester seo and web design tamesideWhat do I mean by this? I mean tell people what you’re doing on social media, text your friends and family, then hold yourself accountable to what you said you was going to do. Nobody wants to be the guys who talk a lot and doesn’t take action, if you was that guy, you wouldn’t be this far on in the article.

5. Do More And Do Less

tameside ppc web design manchesterThe world is full of people who jump on the band wagon. One minute in business its “He who works 100 hour weeks, will succeed” and the next minute its “Dont burn the candle at both ends, relax, it’ll all fall into place”. I don’t do any of that, you need to be able to access and observe when you need to do more and when you can back of the gas (for your own mental state). This allows you be on a constant wave of Getting SHI* Done Every Single Day, than up and down, one minute you’re doing 100 hour weeks, next minute you can’t turn your mac on for exhaustion.

Do you understand these points?

These aren’t the keys to success, these are just tips that I use to make sure I’m Getting SHI* Done Every Single Day.

If you do this for 1 month, I guarantee you’ll be a new person.

It will add to your arsenal 100%.

None of us at Optic are business coaches, life coaches etc, we just have little ways to help.

I want you to do this and then tweet us or send us a message on Facebook about how you’ve implemented these little tips into your day.

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