Creating a website used to be enough to get you business, but those days are well and truly gone. Nowadays there’s a lot more to web design than people think, to be a force in your field… Your site needs to look and perform to the highest possible standard.

Good Web Design

When we say web design, we mean a properly coded website that runs efficiently and is responsive on all devices, all these factors help your ranking in search engines.

What we don’t mean is something a friend knocked up for you that is not optimised in the slightest. Stuff like this doesn’t reflect your company, branding or your reputation.

Take a look at the image below.

One represents good web design and one represents bad web design.

Do you know which one is good vs bad?

web designer in tameside

The Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, its not wrong. Your not a web designer, just like we probably would make mistakes if we tried to do what your profession is.

The thing is, as we preach all the time.

First impression is everything.

It really is, let be honest. If you land on a site and it doesn’t impress you, you instantly think the company is poor, where as if you land on a website that WOWs you as soon as it loads, you think that is a nice web design, and in result you stay on the site longer.

Mistake #1: Not taking your web design seriously

We see this all the time working with clients, both new and old. They don’t respect the power of a good web design and what kind of impact it can have on there company.

Whether this is a poorly designed website or you don’t think you need one… You need a good website, simple as that.

There’s a saying.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

This is so true, the amount of people we are approached by, that already have a website is crazy. They thought they was getting a deal, but in the long run its cost them a hell of a lot more, possibly jeopardizing their reputation.

Your website is in our opinion the best marketing tool you have. You need to utilize this and take it seriously. Creating content on the site to help you search engine ranking is key, sharing your posts is key and keeping it up to date must not be overlooked.

Mistake #2: Promoting Your Website

Okay, you have a nice web design, its that it?

Hell NO, you hired a reputable company, maybe us 😉 you’ve got a nice looking site, its been optimised and your really happy with how it looks. But thats not the end.

What do you need to do?

You need to create content, valuable content, news, updates about your company. Literally anything to do with your company, that you can share with people and get people to share.

If you are optimising your posts, sharing your content and being active, your site is going to grow in search engines and people will know about your company.

What about paid advertising?

Paid advertising is a great tool… If its done correctly

It really is a good way of promoting your site to a specific audience and getting traffic to your website.

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are two of the best ones out there, don’t just spend your money on this though, hire a professional or it will be very costly and you wont get any traffic.

What to take away from this article: Mistakes Your Making With Your Website

We have gone on a little bit today, but the two simple tips above are key to a successful web design and website. You cant just have a poorly designed website and expect people to trust you, let alone find you.

Hire someone who can give you everything we have discussed today and more.

You need someone who you can trust, build a relationship with and call on at all times to help you out, this is the kind of relationship we push with our clients. We build relationships not links, this is a way to ensure your site is kept looking fresh and performing how it should be.

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