This article is labelled possibility because I’m going to address its anything is possible online now.

I want to be successful.

I bet you’ve heard that before, or said it yourself. Everybody says they want to be successful, rich and looked upon as a guru. The truth is people aren’t willing to put in the work. Its that simple.

I look now at the resources at hand, and the possibilities are genuinely endless. You can be whatever you want to be. Most of the time you can learn it for FREE.

I am self-taught in every skill I have, from design to coding and marketing planing, I’ve learnt it all myself from books and the Internet. I failed all my GCSE except physical education.

I wasn’t a classroom person.

Let’s put this into perspective.

Now vs 15 years ago.

I’m going to give you 3 example.

1. I want to be a writer.

If you wanted to be writer, you needed to have GCSE English, A levels, the lot to get a job at a newspaper or magazine. Now you can be up and running, writing online in less than 60 minutes, allowing people all over the world to read what you have to say.

2. I want to be a radio presenter

If you wanted to be a radio presenter, study music, hopefully land a job in a local radio station with not many listeners. Now it will cost you ¬£50-60 for a mic off amazon, learn how to start a podcast for free online, create some content and submit to iTunes, you’ll also more than likely get more listeners than your local radio.

3. I want my own TV show

Study drama, study film, editing, know a guy who knows a guy, and you still might not get in. Now you have one of the biggest platforms in the world to showcase yourself through video and it’s FREE…YouTube. It’s that simple, there is free editing software available, record on your smart phone, upload for millions to see.

My point is if you don’t already get it, the only thing holding you back is you, in today’s day and age, today’s world, you can be whatever you want to be for FREE and at your own pace.

What else could you want.

Be willing to put in consistent work, show up, reap the benefits.

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